If your loved one didn't establish a living trust or a similar legal arrangement, it's likely that their assets will go through probate upon their death. Probate is a complicated and often lengthy court process where assets are either distributed or sold, and any outstanding debts owed by the estate are settled.

If your loved one owned property that requires probate, a probate real estate specialist can be an invaluable partner to help you navigate the process. This type of real estate professional specializes in managing probate property.

Here's an overview of their role and how they can assist you with your loved one's estate. To ensure that your loved one's assets are distributed fairly and with minimal tax implications, it's essential to seek the guidance and expertise of a financial advisor.


What Is a Probate Real Estate Specialist?

This individual specializes in helping families navigate the estate process after a relative or other benefactor passes away. They are well-versed in handling real estate assets that have wound up passing through probate. They also have extensive knowledge of wills, trusts, conservatorships, and estate settlements. They are a valuable – and often necessary – partner if you find yourself needing to sell a property that's in probate.


Do You Need a Probate Real Estate Agent?

No, you are not required to hire anyone to help you with the probate process, but it can be tricky and complicated. There are rules, laws, and important details to follow, and it might not be your area of expertise. 


How Does a Probate Realtor Help?

Probate proceedings involve many details, and it can be tough to keep up with changing laws and codes. To make things easier, you can work with a probate realtor who specializes in helping families. They can handle all the court proceedings and ensure that everything is covered, so you don't have to worry about it. This will not only take the weight off your shoulders but also help the process go more quickly.


Duties of a Probate Real Estate Agent

•Manage the sale of the property, including listing, showing, negotiating, and closing the sale.

•Provide property evaluation by conducting a CMA or BPO.

•Coordinate with attorneys and court officials for necessary paperwork and approvals.

•Manage property repairs and maintenance to prepare the property for sale.

•Facilitate the transfer of ownership and manage the closing process.

•Communicate with beneficiaries and keep them informed throughout the selling process.

•Provide guidance and support to the executor or administrator.

•Protect the estate's interests and ensure the property is sold for a fair price.

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